Tourist Visa Extension

Are you stuck in Hong Kong with your tourist visa which is going to expire in the next few days?
It is an offense staying in HK with an expired visa.
Need our assistance to extend your HK tourist visa?

All visitors (tourist) in Hong Kong must depart HK before the expiry date of their limit of stay.
A tourists in some special cases may have an urgent need to stay beyond his/her expiry date (on his/her visa). The visitor may make an extension of stay application within 7 days before the limit of stay expires. Such application will be considered case by case.

Processing Time of Extension of Tourist Visa

Usually the application should take less than 1 business day to process, and the tourist applicant will get his/her extension approved in the same day of application. This applies only if all the documents required by the Hong Kong Immigration Department are available and are correctly submitted.

How to apply for Hong Kong Tourist Visa Extension?

To apply:

  • The visitor must fill in the form ID91 and submit your application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
    The visitor must provide supporting documents.
    Upon the submission of the application, the visitor applicant must present the passport (or a valid travel document) which shows the current limit of stay in Hong Kong.
    Present the evidence / reasons to support the applicant requiring to prolong his/her stay in HK.
    The applicant may have to show he/she possesses sufficient fund to support her extension of stay (i.e. cover her living cost) in Hong Kong.
    In some cases, the tourist applicant may be required to provide more supporting documents when requested by the HK Immigration Department.

The tourist may appoint a representative to submit the application and supporting documents for extension of stay (when he/she is unable to attend). The tourist applicant must authorize in writing a representative to submit the application and present the supporting documents.

Important Notes

When submitting the application to extend your tourist visa, ensure all the statements and information are true and correct. It is an offence to make false statements or representations to the HK Immigration Department. Any such visa/entry permit issued or permission to enter or remain in the Hong Kong granted shall have no effect.
The tourist must understand that as a tourist visa holder, the applicant is not permitted to take any employment (whether paid or unpaid) during the stay in Hong Kong, join any business (including company incorporation), or become a student at an educational institution.
Any person who has breached the condition of stay under his/her tourist visa will be considered guilty of an offense and will be subject to a maximum fine of HK$50,000 and imprisonment for 2 years.




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