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Generally speaking, 4-6 weeks from the date of last submission. The exception if right of abode applications, which take 6-12 weeks. Individual processing times can vary, according to the background of the applicant, the sponsor company and the timely submission of all documentation.
No. An employment visa is specific to the employer / sponsor company who provided support for the initial application. If you wish to change employers, you must apply for a change of sponsorship before taking up employment with your new employer. It is illegal to work for another company before you have completed this process.
Yes. However, you have to get a consent from Immigration Department before taking up your part-time employment or engaging in a side business.
No, all employment visa applications must be sponsored by a local sponsor company whom you will be engaged with them as a full time employee.
No. All employment visa applications must be sponsored by a local sponsor company which should be registered in Hong Kong as legal entities. Your US company may register a local company or a branch or a representative office in Hong Kong in order to support your employment visa application
No. Immigration grants you a training visa on the ground that you come to Hong Kong to receive training and your HK office has to ensure you will return back to your home country when you finish your training. Thus, you have to cancel your training visa first and apply your employment visa overseas.
You may consider applying a visa under Quality Migration Scheme. Once your application is approved, you will be granted a one year visa which can allow you to look for a job and settle in Hong Kong.
No. You have to cancel the working holiday visa first and then apply an employment visa overseas.
Its best to call the immigration officer to check your extension application status. Under normal circumstances, you are allowed to stay in Hong Kong until the extension application is approved even your current visa is expired.
You can only hire a person, who is holding a working holiday visa. The hiring period would be based on the nationality of the applicant, for a maximum period of 1 year to three months.

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