Dependant Visa

A Dependent Visa is needed when a dependant spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18, may accompany a sponsor who holds either a valid visa, e.g. employment, investment, student (depends on the nature), other resident visas, or who has already attained permanent residency in Hong Kong to apply dependant visas. Dependant visa in Hong Kong has to be applied individually.
(Or a resident who is not subject to a limit of stay (i.e. a resident with the right to land or on unconditional stay). 

Under the current Hong Kong immigration policy, dependant visa holders in Hong Kong are free to work, study or set up their own business in Hong Kong.

The age limit for unmarried dependent children should be under 18, and the age limit for dependant parents should be 60 or above. Only Hong Kong permanent residents are allowed to sponsor dependant parents.

Nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and North Korea are not allowed to sponsor dependants.

The processing time for dependent visa application will approximately take 4-6 weeks from the date of submission.

Prism’s Hong Kong Work Visa Consultant Service Involves:
  • Provide visa consultation service regarding to the documents required for the dependant visa application;
    Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for the Dependent Visa applicant and the applicant’s Hong Kong sponsor;
    Complete all necessary visa application forms required by Hong Kong (HK) Immigration Department for the Dependent Visa applicant;
    Review and organize the collected documents in favor of immigration policy;
    Suggest alternative documents if the Dependent Visa applicant is not able to get the listed documents;
    Submit the application to HK Immigration Department;
    Reply on the applicant’s behalf to all enquiries and correspondence from HK Immigration Department;
    Prepare and draft all letters required for submission to HK Immigration Department;
    Monitor the application process;
    Keep the applicant and the sponsor updated on the status of the Dependent Visa application;
    Accept the approval and have the Dependent visa delivered to the applicant;
    Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application.
Application Procedure:
  • [1.] Free consultation regarding the Hong Kong dependant visa application;;
    2. Advise the applicant and the sponsor on the alternatives and the likelihood of success;
    3. Obtain the sponsor’s signature on the letter of engagement;
    4. Obtain deposit payment;
    5. Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for the application;
    6. Complete immigration forms, drafts and letters;
    7. Review the collected documents to ensure they are correctly presented;
    8. Draft all letters required for submission to Immigration Department;
    9. Ongoing liaison with HONG KONG Immigration Department;
    10. Reply Immigration Department’s enquiries on the applicant’s behalf;
    11. Accept the visa approval and collect the visa label from Immigration Department;
    12. Deliver the Hong Kong visa to the sponsor;
    13. Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application.
Documents Required:
  • A Dependent Visa application Form ID(E) 997 with the applicant and sponsor’s signatures;
    Copy of the applicant’s passport;
    Supporting documents to prove the applicant's relationship to the sponsor.
Processing Time:
  • The Hong Kong Dependent visa application process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks from the date of submission.
  • Student visa holders are not allowed to work in Hong Kong unless getting a consent from Hong Kong Immigration Department

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