Hong Kong Investment Visa

An investment visa application is a subcategory of a work visa application, designed for those business owners who intend to stay in Hong Kong to actively participate in daily business operations.

In order to obtain an investment visa, an individual should prove the followings:

1. He/she is a sole or majority shareholder of the Hong Kong company. To distinguish a investment visa application from a work visa application, one should be a majority shareholder of the company and should contribute significantly in a business sense. Otherwise a work visa application would be more appropriate.

2. His/her business in Hong Kong will enhance the economy.

Immigration Department will focus on the following criteria:

1. Local hiring;
2. Having an office premise;
3. Having actual or/and potential business transactions in the Hong Kong company;
4. Having sufficient fund.

There is no minimum capital injection required by Immigration Department for an individual to invest in a business in order to obtain an investment visa. However, applicants should show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and the business in Hong Kong. Thus, sound financial statements are one of the supporting criteria required by Immigration Department.

Prism’s Visa Consultant Service Involves:

  • Provide visa consultation service regarding to the documents required for investment visa application;
    Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for visa applicant;
    Complete all necessary Immigration forms for the applicant;
    Review and organize the documents in favor of immigration policy;
    Suggest alternative documents if the applicant is not able to get the listed documents;
    Submit the Investment Visa application to Immigration Department;
    Reply on the applicant’s behalf to all enquiries and correspondences from Immigration Department;
    Prepare and draft all letters required for submission to Immigration Department;
    Monitor the application process;
    Keep the applicant updated on the status of the investment visa application;
    Accept the approval and have the investment visa delivered to the applicant;
    Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application.

Application Procedure:

  • 1. Free consultation regarding to the investment visa application;
    2. Advise the applicant on the alternatives and the likelihood of success;
    3. Obtain the applicant’s signature on the letter of engagement;
    4. Obtain deposit payment;
    5. Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for the Investment Visa application;
    6. Complete immigration forms, drafts and letters;
    7. Review the collected documents to ensure they are correctly presented;
    8. Draft all letters required for submission to Immigration Department;
    9. Ongoing liaison with Immigration Department;
    10. Reply Immigration Department’s enquiries on the applicant’s behalf;
    11. Accept the Investment visa approval and collect the visa label from Immigration Department;
    12. Deliver the investment visa to the applicant;
    13. Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application.

Documents Required:

  • An Investment Visa application form ID(E) 999A with the applicant's signatures
    An Investment Visa application form ID(E) 999B with the the company's authorized person signatures;
    Copy of the applicant's passport;
    Copy of the applicant’s personal documents;
    The company detailed business plan;
    Copies of the company's business incorporation documents;
    Copies of the financial documents of both the applicant and the company.

Processing Time:

  • The visa application process normally takes 4 to 8 weeks from the date of submission.


  • The initial visa once obtained is valid for a maximum of 24 months (sometimes less).
    Once the Investment visa application has been approved, the applicant is eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card.
    If the company is newly established, when first visa is granted, it is common that the visa will be under the condition of ‘under business review’. It means that when the applicant applies for an extension for the investment visa, immigration department will review the company’s business and financial abilities before approving the extension of stay for the applicant.

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Chris and Bonnie at Prism have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They clearly explained the application process, assisted in drafting necessary documents and were always available to address any questions or concerns. We couldn't have asked for better consultants.

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Director, Organic Modernism Limited

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