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Globally, some countries or regions offer an international tax-free system including Cayman Island, BVI etc. These countries or regions are named as offshore countries or offshore jurisdictions. Companies that are owned by foreign investors and do not have any operations within the offshore countries or jurisdictions are called offshore companies. Offshore companies are not required to pay any tax in these countries. Shareholders can be anonymous. In addition to the attractive tax-free system, other benefits of using offshore companies are international tax planning, wealth management, wealth protection, asset protection, high privacy and confidentiality of company ownership and also less regulation requirements.

Prism is at the forefront to be your consultant to process of setting up an offshore company. We provide accurate and comprehensive information and solutions on offshore jurisdictions on company registration and ongoing compliance matters for startups.

Prism also provides shell offshore companies which are already incorporated and ready to be used instantly for clients’ selection.

More information about our overseas offshore incorporation service.

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Chris and Bonnie at Prism have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They clearly explained the application process, assisted in drafting necessary documents and were always available to address any questions or concerns. We couldn't have asked for better consultants.

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Cinar, Karazona

Director, Organic Modernism Limited

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