10 Million Chinese Immigrated in 23 Years

  • January 22,2014
  • By the end of 2013, more than 9.3 million Chinese people immigrated overseas, marking a 128.6 % rise over the past 23 years. China has now become the fourth largest immigrant-producing country in the world, compared to the seventh in 1990.

    The revelation comes from a newly published survey conducted by the Centre for China and Globalisation (CCG).

    Investment immigration has grown rapidly in recent years. According to the survey, the number of Chinese investing in America has increased drastically in the past three years, from 772 in 2010 to 6124 in 2012.

    Data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) supports this statistic. It shows that 3/4 of the Investors Routes were issued to Chinese migrators in 2012.

    With the momentum of investment immigration, rich people from China are buying more properties overseas. The Chinese have become the second largest overseas buyers of American real estate since 2011.

    Chinese buyers are also expanding their choices when purchasing property overseas. European countries like Germany and Belgium, cities like Edinburgh, Detroit and Kuala Lumpur are all among their choices, says Song Quancheng, director of Immigration Study of Shandong University.

    Meanwhile, the CCG has also found that about 70 % of the interviewees describe the environment and medical services as their major points of consideration in immigration

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