Employment Support Scheme ESS for Hong Kong

  • April 23,2020
  • [b]UPDATED ON 14 MAY 2020[/b] The Employment Support Scheme (ESS) will open for application on 25 May 2020. The ESS has been extended to cover and benefit more employees, including: Employees of age 65 or above under the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes. Employees who are MPF Indus

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    Government Plan To Subsidize Hong Kong Employers

  • April 09,2020
  • The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, mentioned that the new Coronavirus has been an unprecedented challenge, and the government will make an unprecedented response, including the introduction of an employment protection plan worth HK$80 billion. The plan is to provide wage subsidies to eligible employer

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    Hong Kong Tourist Visa Extension

  • April 03,2020
  • Are you stuck in Hong Kong with your expiring tourist visa? There are two solutions to apply for extension of your expiring tourist visa. [b]Solution 1 – Do It Yourself: Extend Your Tourist Visa In Person[/b] Steps to extend your tourist visa including the following. [b]Step 1:[/b] Prepa

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    Tax Reduction Hong Kong 2020

  • February 26,2020
  • [b]Relief Measures for Hong Kong 2020[/b] The Hong Kong Financial Chief Paul Chan on 26 February 2020 has announced the financial relief measures for Hong Kong people. [CHECK1]   HK$10,000 cash is to be paid to all Hong Kong permanent residents over age of 18. [CHECK1]   Other relief meas

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    Hong Kong Tourism Board Lucky Draw

  • December 27,2019
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board has planned to arrange lucky draw with HK$4 million in prizes on this year’s New Year’s Eve, after the traditional fireworks were cancelled. The draw is to open to all Hong Kong locals and tourists where there will be thousands of prizes up for grabs. It works like this

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    HK Government Launches 9 New Relief Measures

  • December 05,2019
  • The Hong Kong Government has launched 9 new relief measures (to individuals and local businesses) that has a total worth of HK$ 4 billion. [b]Tax payments of individuals[/b] 1. In 2018/19, profits tax, salaries tax and personal income tax may be paid in installments, and surcharges are waived

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    Can You Work In Hong Kong as a Visitor?

  • November 04,2019
  • The simple answer is No. A visitor is not permitted to work in Hong Kong. Regarding the non-Hong Kong permanent residents who come to Hong Kong and participate in the sales activities of non-local properties, the Estate Agents Authority (EAA) has received a reminder from the Hong Kong Immigration

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    History of HKID Cards

  • August 08,2019
  • In 1949, Hong Kong started to require all residents to register for identity (ID) cards. The very first type of ID cards were made of paper. In 1960, the Registration of Persons Ordinance was implemented. Paper identity cards have been replaced by laminated cards. In April 1977, the Immigratio

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