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  •   Due to coronavirus epidemic globally, Hong Kong has launched a red alert for travellers from all countries.
       All travellers arriving in Hong Kong must undergo a 14-day home quarantine or medical surveillance.
       People heading to the mainland China, Macau, or Taiwan will not be affected the travel alert. Earlier already a 14-day mandatory quarantine has been imposed to people returning to HK home from mainland China.
       The advice for all Hong Kong citizens is not to plan travelling abroad for business or leisure, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Starting at 00h00 on 25th March 2020, all non Hong Kong residents will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong during the next 14 days.

  • All non-HK residents arriving via flights (i.e. the HK International Airport) will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong.
    All non-HK residents coming from Mainland China, Macau, or Taiwan will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong, if they had been to other countries in the past 14 days.
    No transit services via the Hong Kong International airport will be available.
    All HK residents and non-HK residents coming from Macau, or Taiwan will have to undergo quarantine.

Singapore Protest Biggest Since Independence

  • February 19,2013
  • Singapore rare anti-government demonstrators rally, 4,000 people braved the rain to take to the streets to protest the input immigration policy, the Chinese immigrants is regarded as "public enemy". Singapore economic growth outperformed Hong Kong in recent years, but the introduction of a large number of professionals also bring social conflicts and grievances deepen.

    A rare anti-government demonstrations in Singapore last Saturday's rally has been described as the largest since Independence. The flashpoint in Singapore late last month, the Government published a White Paper on Population. The Government has made it clear that with the aging population, low fertility, it is necessary to introduce a more the young immigrant balance population structure will be introduced each year 15,000 to 25,000 immigrants, by 30,000 citizens. The White Paper is expected that the population will grow from the current 5.3 million people in 2030 from 6.5 million to 6.9 million, that is up to 30% increase.

    Contradiction increases by increasing population from mainlanders who become "public enemy"

    In fact, Singapore absorbs an alarming number of immigrants from 2001 to 2011, the population increased by more than 100 million, majority from importing population. But immigration policy is not welcomed by the local people, he bear the brunt of Chinese immigrants to become conflict spearhead. Demonstrations leader Mr. Wu had published an article last year, criticized the Chinese immigrants rude, Chinese women were regarded as "grab the others husband of woman", but also refers to Chinese immigrants is "public enemy number one" of the local population.

    Singapore locals and immigrants intensify the conflict, the Singapore Government certainly see in the eyes, then why still insisted absorb a large amount of immigrants? Behind it is to continue to maintain like magic, "Singapore speed". After the Asian financial crisis, Singapore is more than out of the woods, the more enviable economic growth in recent years, Singapore speed "amazing, It is driven by its successful in attracting a large number of highly educated young working population!

    CityU Mr. Tsang Yan Chong, Associate Professor, Department of Management at the author last year, analysis of Singapore outperformed Hong Kong reason is the difference between the population structure of the two large: less than 50% of the working population in Hong Kong, but the constant introduction of foreign workers in Singapore, foreign professionals, they almost full participation in the work. Yan Chong projections up to 64% the proportion of the working population in Singapore, higher than Hong Kong, even though the total population is less than the number of Hong Kong, but the per capita income, the total GDP surpassed Hong Kong, is not surprising.

    In fact, the Singapore published the Government's new White Paper on Population mentioned, if the future does not continue to bring in immigrants, the local population will be in 2025 began to shrink, it will affect economic development. "Singapore speed slow down, the Singapore government had to maintain to absorb immigration policy, but the resulting grievances intensified, but also on the impact has always been a stable political and social atmosphere.

    Locals dissatisfaction too many immigrants, complained that Singapore is like "Little China" immigration grab a high price, snatched jobs, even if the fast growth of the economy as a whole, but the ordinary people pay no synchronous growth, natural disgruntled directed at China immigrant contradiction spate. In August 2011, Chinese immigrants complained to the Government Indian descent neighbors cook curry pungent, triggering the "National Day cook curry, to counter Chinese immigrants do not integrate into the local culture; increase in Chinese broadcast the end of last year, the Singapore subway stop announcement systems, locals criticized for accommodating new immigrants from China, the last to be cut.

    Learn from Sin Chew Valley economic consideration for the subject

    Public discontent also reflects on the ballot paper, even if the economic development of miracles, but the 2011 Singapore parliamentary election, the ruling People's Action Party vote was only 60.1%, the lowest level since statehood, a bumper crop of the opposition, which won six seats; beginning of this year, Congress The by-election, the opposition to overwhelm the People's Action Party won the by-election seats, the Sin Chew political arena set off considerable controversy, is declared as public votes on immigration policy dissatisfaction.

    The best of both worlds, not to slow down the face of international economic competition, but increase the other hand, we should take into account the people's grievances. Star Government after 2009, each year a new batch of permanent residents the right to reduce from 79,000 in 2008, up to now 30,000 a year. After the publication of the White Paper on Population cause people to anti-immigrant sentiment, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has also changed to say, the population of 6.9 million is just a reference to the figures.

    Hong Kong, enter a number of immigrants, and Singapore are far apart, but the immigrant population brought about social unrest and resentment, but also somewhat similar.

    Leung Chun-ying, before he took office in June last year, the local economy in the past 20 years the average annual growth of 3.96%, Singapore 6.6%, Hong Kong half 10 years ago, Singapore's total economic output, now more than Hong Kong, "speed" means "fast" past, and in recent years have been as "slow". Admittedly, Hong Kong, Singapore speed rush, but judging from the Singapore example, even with suit optimization immigration policy, has seen it fit to highly educated professionals, but the price to pay on the Hong Kong people are willing to withstand?

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