Swiss green retailer opens downtown community space to spur awareness of sustainability

  • March 26,2019
  • The new facility at 17 Yun Ping Road measures 800 square feet and is equipped with seminar and event spaces and latest green products from the company. Today, it opens with the launch event dubbed “100 Days of Sustainability & Zero Waste (S.0.W) Challenge” that runs until 30 June, which will feature a series of weekly discussions and workshops on various environmental topics.

    Edgar founded by Mr Raphaël De Ry started its business in Hong Kong in 2016 that advocates a package-free retail concept. Apart from the new community space, the company runs two other stores in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui selling organic products with minimal packaging.

    Mr Raphaël De Ry said that the latest community space is a new “disruptive” concept that combines green education and shopping in a single premises. The company will donate half of the entrance fees from the expert discussions to local charities and environmentally-driven projects.

    He said, “Edgar aims to explore better practices to raise awareness, conserve our environment and showcase solutions. Through weekly expert discussions and workshops, we will share knowledge from and with the community to raise interest in sustainability for people from all walks of life.”

    “In terms of retail, our goods are responsibly sourced and fairly-traded as far as possible. We received requests from customers and corporate clients asking for educative training and consulting services, hence we decided to open the new space to foster positive environmental practices in the community.”

    He added that Hong Kong as an international city offers an ideal place to promote environmental shopping globally. “Hong Kong is also the main hub for distribution of products from Europe to Hong Kong and vice versa. Our plan is to expand from Hong Kong to eventually become a global sustainable supply-chain hub,” he said.

    Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Dr Jimmy Chiang, said, “Hong Kong is at the global forefront of environmental protection. Given the increasing trend of green consumption and shopping around the world, companies like Edgar with a foothold in Hong Kong will be able to leverage the city’s advantages to promote their cause and expand their green business in the region and around the world.”

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