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Latest news from HK Immigration includes:

  •   Due to coronavirus epidemic globally, Hong Kong has launched a red alert for travellers from all countries.
       All travellers arriving in Hong Kong must undergo a 14-day home quarantine or medical surveillance.
       People heading to the mainland China, Macau, or Taiwan will not be affected the travel alert. Earlier already a 14-day mandatory quarantine has been imposed to people returning to HK home from mainland China.
       The advice for all Hong Kong citizens is not to plan travelling abroad for business or leisure, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Starting at 00h00 on 25th March 2020, all non Hong Kong residents will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong during the next 14 days.

  • All non-HK residents arriving via flights (i.e. the HK International Airport) will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong.
    All non-HK residents coming from Mainland China, Macau, or Taiwan will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong, if they had been to other countries in the past 14 days.
    No transit services via the Hong Kong International airport will be available.
    All HK residents and non-HK residents coming from Macau, or Taiwan will have to undergo quarantine.

Tax Reduction Hong Kong 2020

  • February 26,2020
  • Relief Measures for Hong Kong 2020

    The Hong Kong Financial Chief Paul Chan on 26 February 2020 has announced the financial relief measures for Hong Kong people.

      HK$10,000 cash is to be paid to all Hong Kong permanent residents over age of 18.

      Other relief measures for businesses and public are to be released.

    Relief Measures for Hong Kong Businesses

    For businesses, the Hong Kong government has proposed the following relief measures:

      Business registration fees are to be waived for the 2020-21 year. This has projected to benefit 1.5 million HK business owners at a cost of HK$3 billion. Company registry fees for annual tax returns are to be waived for two years to benefit 1.4 million companies at a cost of HK$212 million. Therefore it may not be time yet to undergo your company de-registration, and even company incorporation seems desirable.

      Profits tax is to be reduced by 100 per cent for the 2019-20 year. This has projected to benefit 141,000 taxpayers at a cost of HK$2 billion.

      A low interest loan of up to HK$2 million is to be provided to companies under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme.

    Reduction on Rental and Utility

      Local recycling companies are to receive rental subsidy for six months which costs HK$100 million.

      Tenants at the HK government properties, government land and EcoPark are to be benefited from 50% rental discounts which costs HK$573 million.

      Rent and fees for eligible operators of properties are to be reduced by 50 per cent, costing HK$265 million.

      Hirers of civic centres under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department are to get 50% discounts for six months. This costs HK$23 million.

      Rates for non-domestic properties for 2020-21 are to be waived up to a ceiling of HK$5,000 per quarter in the first two quarters and a ceiling of $1,500 per quarter in the remaining two quarters for each non-domestic property. 420,000 properties will benefit, at a cost of HK$3.2 billion.

      Non-domestic electricity accounts are to get a 75% discount up to a maximum of HK$5,000 for four months, at a cost of HK$2.9 billion. Water and sewage costs are to be discounted by 75% up to a maximum of HK$20,000 and HK$12,500 respectively, costing HK$340 billion altogether.

    Relief Measures for Hong Kong Public

      HK$10,000 cash is to be paid to all Hong Kong permanent residents over age of 18.

      Salary tax is to be cut 100% for the 2019-20 year which is capped at HK$ 20,000. This is going to cover 1.95 million Hong Kong taxpayers and is going to cost HK$ 18.8 billion.

      Rates for residential properties for the 2020-21 year are to be waived and capped at HK$1,500 per quarter. The projection is to involve 2.93 million properties which cost HK$13.3 billion.

      Recipients who are eligible for social security are to get an extra month of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance payments, Old Age Allowance, Old Age Living Allowance or Disability Allowance.

      Work Incentive Transport Subsidy is going to launch this company subsidy. It will cost around HK$4.23 billion.

      Lower income tenants in government public housing are going to have one month of rent waived. This costs HK$1.83 billion.

      Exam fees for students sitting the 2021 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination are to be waived, at a cost of about HK$150 million.

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