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PRISM Consultancy provides Hong Kong Work Visa and Immigration Services to foreigners living and doing business in Hong Kong (HK).

PRISM Consultancy is one of the most experienced Hong Kong Visa Agent or Immigration Consultant , and also provides Company Incorporation and other professional consultancy services for foreigners to work in Hong Kong.

About Prism Consultancy Co., Ltd

Prism Visas

Approval Guarantee

We guarantee a full refund if your application is unsuccessful. We are very proud of our 100% success rate.

Prism Visas

Competitive Price

We provide a quality and comprehensive service for less. Our efficient company structure allows us to save some operating costs hence you pay less. There are no hidden fees and all fees are agreed in advance upon signing the letter of engagement.

Prism Visas

Faster Processing

We save your time by advising on relevant application criteria. Through our clear presentation of facts, the processing time will be shorter and you will not be required to have an interview with Immigration Department.

Prism Visas

Fast and Reliable Communication

We ensure your emails and calls as well as all correspondences with us are answered within 24 hours.

Prism Visas

Free Consultation

Our free preliminary consultation allows us to gauge the likeliness of your visa application. This allows us to outline potential hazards and to work out the best strategy for a successful outcome.

Prism Visas

Long Term Relationship

Our relationship doesn't end with your visa approval. We remain available to help you with future enquiries and to offer assistance on matters relating to visas and business set up in Hong Kong.

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Client's Testimonials

We’ve used Prism for a variety of support services and they’ve always been top notch. Definitely recommend them if you need help as a start-up business that needs support getting all of your paperwork in order.

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Michael Fegan

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 17, 2022

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