HK Company Incorporation

Hong Kong has been a leading international finance and business center in the world. It is a territory equipped with stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure, ever-growing capital market, highly educated working professionals, and an attractive tax regime. Being as one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world, Hong Kong not only offers a supreme location for entrepreneurs and firms to participate in the Asian economies, but also serves as the doorway to the Chinese market.

Prism is at the forefront to be your consultant to process of setting up a Hong Kong company. We provide accurate and comprehensive information and solutions on Hong Kong company registration, taxation, immigration and ongoing compliance matters for startups and small to medium sized companies. A speedy processing time for forming a Hong Kong Limited company requires only ONE WORKING DAY!

Prism also provides shell Hong Kong Limited companies which are already incorporated and ready to be used instantly for clients’ selection.

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Overseas Offshore Company

Globally, some countries or regions offer an international tax-free system including Cayman Island, BVI etc. These countries or regions are named as offshore countries or offshore jurisdictions. Companies that are owned by foreign investors and do not have any operations within the offshore countries or jurisdictions are called offshore companies. Offshore companies are not required to pay any tax in these countries. Shareholders can be anonymous. In addition to the attractive tax-free system, other benefits of using offshore companies are international tax planning, wealth management, wealth protection, asset protection, high privacy and confidentiality of company ownership and also less regulation requirements.

Prism is at the forefront to be your consultant to process of setting up an offshore company. We provide accurate and comprehensive information and solutions on offshore jurisdictions on company registration and ongoing compliance matters for startups.

Prism also provides shell offshore companies which are already incorporated and ready to be used instantly for clients’ selection.

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Company Secretary Service

Each Hong Kong Limited Company must appoint a company secretary.  A Company Secretary must reside in Hong Kong or a body corporate that must have its registered office in Hong Kong.  Of all the duties, the company secretary has to make certain that the Hong Kong limited company is in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and must maintain the statutory books and records of the company.  

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Accounting Service

According to Inland Revenue Ordinance, every company is required to keep sufficient records to enable assessable profits to be readily ascertained. All records must be retained for seven years from the transaction date. Even after the company cease trading, the company record keeping obligations continue until the seven year period has expired. It is an offence not to keep adequate records. The company can be penalized for not doing so by being fined up to $100,000.

It is also important to keep the accounting book updated for management decision making.

Prism provides accounting service include the following scope:
  • Bank reconciliation statements
    Prepare professional financial statement including Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
    Prepare management accounts including trial balance, accounts payable summary, accounts receivable summary and other balance sheet account breakdown
    Consulting on company accounting structure and policy set up
    Maintenance of proper records and computerized system
    Customize Financial Analysis
    Consultation on company internal control
    Arrange Independent Auditor

We provide monthly, quarterly, yearly book-keeping services to meet our clients' unique needs.

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HK Tax Service

According to Inland Revenue Ordinance, having a limited company in Hong Kong, the company will receive a first Profit Tax Return 18 months after the date of Incorporation. Besides filing a Profit Tax Return every year, a Hong Kong company should file an Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pension every year with year end of March 31, to report staffs' salaries. For an Individual receiving salaries from the company, has to file an Individual Tax Return every year with the year end of March 31.

Failure to file the above tax returns will subject to fine and penalty. Thus, tax filing and planning is very important as it enables a company and an individual to save money for future development and expansion. Through careful tax planning and proper tax filing will reduce tax burden and avoid any unnecessary penalty. As your tax representative, we are always enthusiastic to assist you and your company to find the best solution on the tax issues.

Our Tax service includes:
  • Act as Tax Representative for you
  • Tax Planning for corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors and individuals
  • Tax computation and tax return filing
  • Handle Inquiries from HK IRD
  • Assist in tax objections and appeals
  • Read more about our company incorporation services on ourcompany incorporation website.


Preparing and maintaining accounts are mandatory for a Hong Kong incorporated limited company according to the company ordinance of Hong Kong. Every year, companies must audit their accounts by Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in Hong Kong and file the audited reports together with Profit Tax Returns to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). An independent CPA should be hired, which should separate from the CPA/Accountant who is hired for book-keeping, in order to ensure the audit report is an independent and professional report.

Prism’s accounting team arranges professional auditing services with our auditor partners to ensure seamless and time efficient services.

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Payroll Service

Foreign companies set-up office in Hong Kong, but they might not have a human resource team to handle payroll operations in Hong Kong.

Prism can provide payroll services as follows:

- Prepare monthly payroll record for head office approval
- Prepare monthly payroll autopay banking services
- Prepare monthly MPF enrollment and payment under Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance (Cap 485)
- Prepare annual filing of Employer's Return of Remuneration & Pensions Form 56A and 56B employer tax
- Prepare the filing of Form 56F to report the employee’s salary up to the date of termination/resignation to IRD when the employee resigns or is terminated.

Serviced and Virtual Office

Foreign companies that wish to gain market insight, exposure and a better understanding of the Hong Kong business environment before setting up a full-scaled office can look for establishing a virtual or serviced office first. It is suitable for small size of business to have an instant office with secretary and clerical helps from us.

Prism offers both virtual and serviced offices to clients.

Read more about our company incorporation services on our company incorporation website.

Office/Apartment Rental Services

When you are located in full of business opportunities, the convergence of cultural exchanges between east and west, the international commercial and financial center, and you want to live a wonderful bustling night life, or embrace the stillness of nature home. In Hong Kong, although the total land area is just only 1,104 square kilometers, it can provide the above different kind of business and personal lifestyle in a city at the same time.

Prism Group company, Zion Property Ltd (Agency License no. C-056858) can assist customers to look for their perfect leasing commercial office or apartment-style residence, covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories and outlying islands, and other regions.

Zion Property provides professional Real Estate Services:

• Rental of residential apartment, office premises and retail shops
• Buy and sell of residential apartments, office premises and retail shops
• Property management
• First hand and second hand real estate market information
• Mortgage and loan referral


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